The Party's Psion


One of the three original PCs to leave Sigil, Silmoret has been the quiet achiever of the Party.

Last Session
KKTR 5, Session 4
Silmoret attempted to rouse Arrabella from her comatose state with some complicated Psionic trickery. Using a “Battery” of Cogwraught, principally Phasewraught, Silmoret used amplified Psionic energy to trigger Arrabella’s natural Changeling defense response, while attempting to find and wake her conscious mind.
After the Psionic energy built and Silmoret dived through, into Arabella’s mind, a strong reaction occured. Silmoret was thrown back into the Physical Realm, the Phasewraught collapsed (some suffering greatly), all culminating with a blinding flash. Silmoret was left exhausted, however Arrabella had woken from her slumber. Silmoret also found that he had a strong Psionic link with Arrabella and the Cogwraught Captain Content Not Found: K2H5100

KKTR 5 Session 3
Silmoret spent a great deal of time communicating with a Cogwraught Wolf that found the Party in the wilds and, eventually, assisted them with their journey.