The Fiery Fundamentalist


Arrabella is the fourth member of the Party and arrived late onto the scene. She showed up one Session waaaaaay back on Drexlor (or was it LCVI??) with a message for the Party that Sigil was under attack and all Sigillites need return home.

Last Session
KKTR 5, Session 4
Being under the influence of a mysterious coma, Arrabella spent most of her time last session asleep in the isolation wing of the Cogwraught camp. It wasn’t until Silmoret attempted some risky Psionic trickery that Arrablla finally returned to the waking world.
Upon Waking, she found that she had a strong Psionic link between Silmoret and the Cogwraught Captain, Content Not Found: K2H5100_. She also discovered that her arm had been covered with a fibrous, dark purplish growth that ran from her neck, down her arm in rough, spiral pattern.
After a few moments of catching up and the events that had transpired while she was out, Arrablla all of a sudden felt compelled to jump up onto the bed, point at those gathered around her and shout out “PLEASE!!”. This was followed by a flash and the entire group had changed skin colour. Some, like Silmoret and Content Not Found: Quentoss_, had turned one solid colour (like red and orange); The Cogwraught that were gathered there had different components coloured in different tints and shades and colours. Content Not Found: Tempok was the only one in the room whose colours were changing and flowing through the colour spectrum.
This sudden event cause
Content Not Found: Quentoss
to spring up and subdue Arrablla. The Party joined in and Arrablla was knocked unconscious.


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